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The Dark Horse – Viewing Notes

What is the symbolism/significance of the film title? NZ Voice in the film: Maori legends and names – Tane Mahuta, Maui, harakeke, taniwha Rising intonation at the end of sentences Colloquial language – bro, gee,

Hunt for the Wilderpeople Scene Analysis

Taika Waititi Interview: https://www.nytimes.com/video/movies/100000004475947/anatomy-hunt-for-the-wilderpeople.html Music – The Partisan, by Leonard Cohen When they poured across the border I was cautioned to surrender This I could not do I took my gun and vanished. I have

1.11 What do we look for when studying a film?

What do we look for when studying a film? Features of the story – plot, setting, characters, themes/ideas, symbolism, metaphor Camera Shots – Establishing shot, long shot, full shot, mid shot, close up, extreme close

Novel Questions

NOVEL QUESTIONS 1. Describe how the author uses language techniques to develop a character in the written text. Explain how the techniques helped to create an emotional response in you. 2. Describe how the author

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