The Dark Horse – Viewing Notes

What is the symbolism/significance of the film title?

NZ Voice in the film:
Maori legends and names – Tane Mahuta, Maui, harakeke, taniwha

Rising intonation at the end of sentences

Colloquial language – bro, gee, aye, boy, sweet as, mean…

Use of Maori language in everyday situations ( as a first language)

Strong swearing

Issues Raised:

Mental Health

Dysfunctional Families




The Importance of Culture and Identity – language, music, myths and legends

Symbolism – the metaphor of the chess pieces on the chess board compared with the Maori people and their land, Aotearoa. ‘Chess as the game of life’.


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Teacher of English at Mount Aspiring College, Wanaka, New Zealand.

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